Operationalizing VMware vSAN

vSAN과 관련된 새로운 이북이 나왔습니다. 그 제목은 "Operationalizing VMware vSAN".

vSAN을 설계하고 구현한 다음에 생각해보아야할 다음과 같은 질문들에 대한 내용을 담았다고 합니다.

  • How do you optimize the way you use vSAN? 
  • Are you currently organized in such a way as to fully take advantage of what vSAN provides? 
  • What skills are needed? 
  • How can you improve your current operational processes? 
  • How might they impact the benefits you could realize from the software-defined nature of vSAN? 
  • How can you realize the full benefits of vSAN? 
  • What operational tools can help you get the most out of vSAN? 
  • What additional considerations does vSAN bring to your IT environment?
  • Can you leverage existing investments in VMware tools?